At the moment I am working as a DevOps Engineer, planning and deploying infrastructure on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid situations! I have worked mainly in Insurance and Telecommunication companies as a Systems & Database Design Engineer.

I’m always trying to combine creativity with engineering and develop different projects in order to gain more knowledge on trending technologies and currently I’m experimenting with Docker, Kubernetes and Automation Tools like Ansible and Puppet!

In my free time I play Bass Guitar and I like to attend live concerts of my favourite bands. I’m watching a lot of series and movies, reading science fiction books and collecting all short of stuff from board games to vinyls and action figures!

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I do not for any reason take credit for either the Header image or the Astronaut used in this Profile Section.Both found around the Internet and I’m using them without any profit because I’m a big fan of Pixel Art. If you are the owner please let me know and I will stop using them. The Logo was created by me and the potion animation was created in Piskel after following this great free Tutorial. Also the fire animation in the Astronaut pixel art was made by me again in Piskel.